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• The article is about the importance of self-advocacy for students with disabilities.
• It discusses how to be a successful self-advocate, including speaking up and forming relationships with teachers and other school staff.
• It also emphasizes creating an individual plan for success and using support networks and resources available to students.


This article focuses on the importance of self-advocacy for students with disabilities. Self-advocacy is about taking responsibility for your own learning, understanding your rights and responsibilities, being able to speak up for yourself, and understanding how best to use available resources and support networks.

The Benefits of Self Advocacy

Self advocacy is key to success in education as it provides the opportunity to create an individual plan that works best for you and your unique needs. By becoming a successful self advocate, you can ensure that you are receiving all the necessary accommodations, support services, educational opportunities etc that you need in order to thrive in school. Additionally, strong self advocacy skills will help build relationships with teachers or other school personnel in order to get what you need from them in return.

Tips For Being A Successful Self Advocate

• Speak Up: Know when it is appropriate to speak up about your needs and make sure your voice is heard by those who can provide assistance or accommodations.
• Get To Know Your School Personnel: Developing good relationships with teachers or other school personnel can help facilitate conversations regarding any issues or problems you may have.
• Have An Individual Plan: Create an individual plan of action which outlines strategies on how best to receive the necessary accommodations or support services needed at school.
• Utilize Resources & Support Networks: Take advantage of any available resources such as disability services offices as well as community organizations which offer additional support networks specifically tailored towards individuals with disabilities.


In conclusion, self advocacy is essential for individuals with disabilities in order to ensure their success in education by providing them with the tools they need in order to maximize their potential within their academic environment. By speaking up, forming relationships with teachers/school personnel, creating an individual plan of action as well as utilizing resources & support networks; students are able to become successful advocates who are well equipped to handle any issue they may face during their educational journey.

Takeaway Message

Self advocacy is important for individuals with disabilities because it allows them take control of their own learning experience by providing them with the necessary tools needed for academic success!