Polygon zkEVM Grows, Polygon Partners with Genso, But MATIC Price Drops 6%

• Polygon zkEVM registered growth during the last seven days.
• Polygon partnered with Genso to help improve the latter’s offerings.
• Despite these developments, MATIC’s price shocked investors by declining by over 6% in the last 24 hours.

The Polygon network recently released new statistics on the Polygon zkEVM. The figures reveal that the zkEVM has seen positive growth over the past week, with the total number of wallet addresses now reaching 82,484, and the total number of deployed contracts increasing by 17%. In addition, the average block time was found to be 1.1 minutes, and the total number of blocks rose by 12.6%.

To further bolster the network, Polygon has also announced a partnership with Genso. This collaboration will enable Genso to create game worlds that are more detailed and alive than ever before, with landscapes, characters, dynamic weather, and more. Genso was thrilled to start openly collaborating with Polygon and believes it will help them provide an even more immersive experience for the Genso community.

Despite the positive developments, however, MATIC’s price shocked investors by declining by over 6% in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, MATIC was trading at $1.09, with a market capitalization of over $9.4 billion. Despite the recent negative price action, MATIC remained one of the top choices for whales, with WhaleStats noting that the asset saw an increase in large transactions from high net worth investors. It remains to be seen whether these developments will be enough to bolster MATIC’s price in the near future.