5 books to learn about Bitcoin and other cryptomaps

Brazilian Exchange selects the best securities on the cryptomeda market.

The Bitcoin Market has prepared a list of books about cryptomoedas that were written by very famous names among Bitcoin’s investors, like Andreas Antonopoulos.

Thus, the exchange indication can serve for those who want to learn more about Bitcoin Cycle, with basic and even more advanced books about the cryptomoedas market.

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Money Internet (Andreas Antonopoulos)

Considered one of the best known books by cryptomaniac investors, „The Internet of Money“ narrates the history of Bitcoin as a monetary revolution.

Written by one of the best known analysts among users, Andreas Antonopoulos brings reflections about money and its digital form through Bitcoin. The book was written in English, but has already a Portuguese translation available on the internet.

„This masterpiece is one of the best introductory books about Bitcoin and cryptomoedas. The book is nothing more than a collection of lectures by Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the biggest and oldest analysts in the field“.

The Future of Money (Rudá Pellini)

Besides foreign writers, the list of the best books about cryptomoedas also brings a Brazilian specialist. For the Bitcoin Market the book „The Future of Money“ written by Rudá Pellini was also considered one of the best works currently on cryptomoedas.

Soon: Craig Wright, the film (and the book)

While the other books present information about Bitcoin and the cryptomaniac market, Rudá addresses broader topics such as „financial startups (FinTechs), as well as disruptive technologies in means of payment.
The Bitcoin Standard (Saifedean Ammous)

The list of the best books on cryptomorphism also includes a work called „Bitcoin Standard“ which has been translated into Portuguese as „The Bitcoin Standard“.

The book was produced by the Greek economist Saifedean Ammous, and presents information on the use of ‚paper money‘ in the global financial system. According to the Bitcoin Market analysis, the writer compares cryptomeda with gold.
The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum (Camila Russo)

Written by Argentine journalist Camila Russo, the book „The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum“ leaves Bitcoin a little aside to talk about Ethereum.

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Camila Russo worked for bloomberg and decided to write about cryptomorphism, and in the book about Ethereum she tells the story of altcoin in the form of a novel.

Mastering Bitcoin

Andrea Antonopoulos is also responsible for other works on the cryptomede market. Thus, besides the „Internet of Money“, another memorable book by the specialist is the „Mastering Bitcoin“.

While in the „Internet of Money“ Bitcoin is presented in a more didactic way, in the „Mastering Bitcoin“ the concepts about cryptomoedas are deepened in technical explanations about the digital asset.

Besides Mastering Bitcoin, Andrea Antonopoulos also created „Mastering Ethereum“, which brings a technical analysis about the network that created the second most famous cryptomoeda in the market.